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Caleb Jenkins receives the CPA Practice Advisor "2021 Top 40 Under 40" award for 6th consecutive year

40rty under 40 2021 blog

CPA Practice Advisor has announced the 2021 members of its "40 Under 40" and "20 Under 40 Top Influencers" programs. The 40 Under 40 Awards spotlight the top practicing public accountants, educators and thought leaders who are leading their profession by visibly and incrementally changing the accounting profession through their exemplary leadership, their innovative thinking, their collaborative efforts to provide unity to the profession across the generations, and their community outreach which extends the visibility of the profession outside the workplace. 

CPA Practice Advisor also honors the 20 Under 40 Vendor Superstars who are leading the way in developing the constantly evolving technology and firm processes that allow practitioners to be more productive, efficient and profitable, as they build practices that will endure and thrive.

"It is a tremendous honor and privilege to be selected for the "2021 Top 40 Under 40" in the accounting and tax profession award from CPA Practice Advisor for the 6th consecutive year," said Caleb Jenkins, Leader of Client Accounting Services at RLJ Financial Services, Inc. "I deeply care about giving back to this community by sharing what I have learned from others. One thing that I've been learning is that I still have so much to learn and that I can never rest on the laurels of the past. There have been many who have invested generously into me and my successes and one of the ways I can show that appreciation is by investing back into others."

One of the many ways that Caleb is passionate about giving back to the global community is through the Christian Aid Ministries: SALT Program that he started volunteering for in 2013. Caleb's primary role with SALT includes, teaching on business & economics, writing QuickBooks tutorials and guides, providing valuable accounting support to be in compliance with local government authorities and US reporting requirements, and reviewing systems and processes for the various countries that the SALT program operates in globally. Caleb has leveraged his connections in the accounting community to develop partnerships with a number of apps to provide accurate accounting, data imports, scanning, hosted desktop, intelligent reporting and powerful data analytics to empower the SALT team to make wise decisions on how to help those in material chronic poverty find a way to sustainable economic freedom in the future.

This year's 40 Under 40 Honorees and 20 Under 40 Top Influencers are among those whose ideas and voices are shaping the directions we all are following," according to CPA Practice Advisor. Each of the honorees "represents someone who is not just thinking about the future but is stepping forward and making significant changes in the accounting profession itself and the way in which our profession is perceived."

"There is a high level of diversity and determination among those whose ideas and voices are shaping the directions we all are following," said Editor-in-Chief Gail Perry CPA. "Across the board, every one of our entries represents someone who is not just thinking about the future but is stepping forward and making significant changes in the accounting profession itself and the way in which our profession is perceived."

Here is what some of Caleb's app partners had to say about his 6th consecutive year being recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 by CPA Practice Advisor:

  • Intuit: "Congrats to Caleb Jenkins for his Top 40 under 40 by CPA Practice Advisors!" said Jim Buffington, Advisory Services Leader at Intuit. "As part of the Intuit Tax Council, Caleb helped us understand how modern firms lean into advisory services, new business models and powering prosperity for clients. Caleb represents the best in the future of our profession. He is always willing to test new processes and technologies to improve the experience for professionals and their clients. Caleb has been a great partner to our Intuit teams and it is with great joy we celebrate this recognition of Caleb’s contribution to our profession. Congratulations!"

  • Divvy: "Caleb has been a top tier Partner with Divvy for a couple of years," said Zac Heinz, Partner Portfolio Manager at Divvy. "Over this time I have been able to work with him and many of their clients. Caleb's knowledge and dedication to his clients is evident every time we talk. He has built such strong relationships with his clients that he truly is an advisor. It does not take long to see how much his clients respect and trust Caleb. We are better at Divvy having partnered with Caleb."

  • Liscio: "We are delighted to congratulate Caleb Jenkins, EA, for once again being recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 accountant by CPA Practice Advisor," said Chris Farrell, CEO at Liscio. "Caleb consistently leads the way in terms of using the right combination of mindset and technology to delight his clients and his team. He is forward-thinking, thorough, and a life-long learner. All of these attributes make him a great role model for accountants of all ages. Caleb has provided invaluable product feedback to our team at Liscio and we look forward to working with him for years to come."

  • ADP: "“It should come as no surprise to see Caleb once again being named to the Top 40 Under 40. Did he break the record yet?" questioned Nick Panepinto, Senior Director of Channel Marketing at ADP. "His tax & accounting prowess combined with his natural business acumen continue to make him one of the most respected accounting professionals out there. We are thankful to have the privilege of working closely with Caleb on the ADP Accountant Advisory Board and to service his small business clients.”

  • Rewind: "Rewind is thrilled to congratulate Caleb for his recognition as a Top 40 Under 40 by CPA Practice Advisor," said Danny Grenzowski, Senior Product Manager at Rewind. "Caleb is an active leader in many cloud accounting communities and his clear passion for solving customer problems makes this award well-deserved. As a long-time partner with Rewind, Caleb has a deep understanding of and commitment to protecting client data with the highest level of care. His feedback on the data security needs of cloud accounting professionals (and their clients) has been invaluable; Caleb is one of the young leaders driving the profession forward."

  • Veem: "Veem celebrates Caleb L. Jenkins achievement to the 2021 Top 40 Under 40 by CPA Practice Advisor for the 6th consecutive year," said Joanna Knox, Director Of Sales at Veem. We are excited to work with Caleb and the entire team at RLJ Financial Services as they strive and excel in the industry. Caleb continues to drive to make positive impacts for clients he serves and the community he is a part of. We are honoured and thrilled for what lies ahead!

  • Patriot Software: "Caleb is absolutely deserving of this recognition," said Scott Nelson, Partner Sales Team Lead at Patriot Software. "He is extremely dedicated to providing the highest level of service to his many clients and has also displayed an incredible commitment to bettering the accounting profession as a whole. His willingness to serve on advisory councils, lead professional cohorts, and host insightful podcasts has benefited thousands of other accounting professionals across the world. We're thrilled to have him as one of our partners and advisors here at Patriot and look forward to seeing firsthand the future successes Caleb will achieve and the profound impact he will surely continue to have upon us all."

  • Firm360: "Caleb Jenkins is very knowledgeable of the needs of accounting firms like his, and has provided some great feedback on how software like Firm360 can help serve them best," said Clay Lehman, CTO at Firm360. "Our team at Firm360 is very excited to be partnering with Caleb Jenkins and his firm to help them streamline their processes and improve team productivity so that they can serve their clients."

  • Facta: "Caleb is one of the most enthusiastic and supportive advisors we've come across," said David Ingraham, CEO at Facta. "He's also amazingly well connected within the accounting community, and has been very generous with opening up his network to us. We're excited to partner with him as we build out our reach."

  • Botkeeper: "Shout out to Botkeeper Influencer Caleb Jenkins, EA, CQP!" said Byron Patrick, General Manager at Botkeeper. "Congratulations for being recognized as one of the 2021 Top 40 Under 40 by CPA Practice Advisor for the 6th consecutive year! Caleb has always embraced new technologies, and readily shares his knowledge and experience with all . His impact on the profession is obvious and the recognition is well deserved!"

  • GruntWorx: "Having a successful accounting practice requires carefully considering how implementing a workflow that is efficient and practical will benefit everyone in the firm," said Sara Cavender, Account Manager at GruntWorx. "In today’s accounting industry the ability- but more importantly the willingness- to think forward when it comes to technology and improving your firms success is key. Caleb does just this. He is a pleasure to work with and is always looking for ways to help his firm become more efficient with technology as well as providing great service to his clients."

  • Tri-Merit: "I have had the pleasure of working with Caleb for a few years now, and have never seen anyone have more enthusiasm and passion for their work than Caleb does," said Randy Crabtree, Partner at Tri-Merit. "He puts everything he has into his work and is well-deserving of inclusion in this year’s 40 Under 40 from CPA Practice Advisor magazine."

  • Tally Street: "Caleb is the next generation of QuickBooks ProAdvisors that we love to work with," said Brian Suthoff, CEO of Tally Street. "He's constantly learning, engaging the broader community, helping to push the profession forward, and driving us to provide an ever better product."

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