Advantages of a certified tax coach

Certified Tax Coach has received advanced training in proactive tax planning from the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches.

The American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches is an independent, not-for-profit corporation based in San Diego, CA. This organization administers training to become an expert in proactive tax planning.

Certified Tax coaches are trained in the philosophy of proactive tax planning in order to help save their clients thousands in tax dollars. The American Institute in Certified Tax Coaches offers a network of resources, ongoing education and joint venture opportunities to its members.

Each Certified Tax Coach attends an intensive, three day academy to become knowledgeable in designing high impact, proactive strategies. Members can access a network of resources and ongoing education for continued training and new strategies.

Certified Tax Coach’s specialize in year round strategic planning methods. In order to save clients from overpaying their taxes, Certified Tax Coaches find deductions, credits and develop strategies, resulting in thousands of tax dollars in savings.

There are less than 400 specialists in 46 states trained by American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches. This elite network of tax professionals includes CPA’s, EA’s, attorneys and financial service providers.

Why you need a certified tax coach

Do you know how much money is wasted by taxpayers each year by not using a qualified tax preparer, like a Certified Tax Coach, to prepare their taxes and then proactively create a custom tax reduction plan to lower their taxes?

According to the United States Government Accountability Office, taxpayers overpay their taxes by $1 billion per year due to missed tax credit and tax deduction opportunities.

Do not delay any longer! Contact us right away and let’s get going on your customized tax reduction plan. Begin today on the path to tax savings!