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Each of the links below are powerful videos about the 8 Wealth Management Issues.

The 8 Wealth Management Issues Overview

This patented process centered on eight common wealth management issues enables Advisors to help clients make the most of their money while avoiding financial pitfalls.

Investment Management*

With the abundance of information available it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However we can help. Based on your individual needs, we can create an investment strategy designed around you.

Cash Flow and Debt Management

Providing a sound wealth management road map begins with understanding your cash flow. It’s impossible to make any sound investment recommendations without having a clear picture of how your money is being spent.

Family Risk Management

Life is filled with a series of unexpected events. That’s why its important to consider potential risks when devising a financial plan. Even seemingly solid plans can crumble in a second when faced with a sudden death, disability, or long-term care need.

Retirement Planning

With improvements in healthcare, life expectancy is on the rise. The ability to retire in financial dignity is becoming a top concern for many. In fact you probably want to know the answers to many questions.

Education Planning*

One of the most neglected areas of personal finance is education funding for children. With media headlines forecasting tuition hikes at exponential rates, the thought of funding a college education can seem futile to many. However, education funding is actually one of the easiest financial hurdles to overcome.

Legacy and Estate Planning

Legacy planning is one aspect of financial planning that all too often is overlooked until it’s too late. Ultimately a legacy plan is what ensures that your wishes are upheld at the time of your passing.

Business Planning

Running a business is no small feat. You have to wear a lot of hats. With countless immediate business needs competing for your attention, it’s no wonder that long-term planning falls by the wayside. Unfortunately this lack of attention places you in a precarious position.

Special Situations

Life is filled with a series of precious moments as well as unexpected events. It’s important to prepare for any special situation that might come your way. Whether its planning a wedding, taking a dream vacation, or encountering unexpected expenses, having a plan in place makes all the difference in ensuring that your financial future remains secure.

*These services are offered by Randy Jenkins through his affiliation with HD Vest