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Agriculture is one of the industries that we specialize in for our clients. We provide service in the specific areas of Tax Preparation, Business Planning, & Accounting Services. The central valley of California is built around the agriculture industry. We are pleased to provide our services for many local family farms here in the valley and across the United States. We work with our Agriculture clients along with their special needs and circumstances in the ever changing and complex tax law for Farmers in the Agriculture Industry.

Here are the types of Agriculture Farming Clients that we currently serve:

When you have RLJ Financial Services provide you with tax and accounting support, here is what you will get:

  • We focus on helping our Agriculture clients to increase their profits, better their cash flow situations, get the most out of their assets, and work with you in providing information about your business to your Investors, Shareholders, Owners, and Bankers.
  • We allow you to relax knowing that we keep a close eye on new tax laws regarding the Agriculture Industry and the ever increasing laws that you have to comply with.
  • We work with our Agriculture clients to structure a customized tax strategy for their unique business to minimize their tax burden.
  • We help you design a long term vision for your business and help you to smoothly setup your estate plan to pass on the farm you have worked hard to establish and make family succession a simple reality. We will work to establish an effective estate plan in order to pass your farm to the next generation with the least amount of possible tax.
  • We will help you setup and maintain your QuickBooks (or an equivalent bookkeeping software) in the most efficient manner.

Be sure to ask us about the following unique services & documents that we have created here at RLJ Financial Services especially for you:

  • Healthy Business Checklist - (Take an Annual Business Check-Up)
  • Financial Ratio Formulas – (How do your numbers stack up)
  • Blueprinting – (Living your life by design not by chance)
  • New Business startup checklist – {Be sure not to miss critical steps in your new business startup)
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of different types of Business Entities

Here are a few links and resources especially to help you in the local Agriculture Industry to aid you in smoothly running your Farm:

Here are a few links and resources especially to help you in the Agriculture Industry with your special Tax Information:

Here are a few links and resources especially to help you in the Agriculture Industry with some special companies and programs related Ag information:

If you would like to receive more information about our Agriculture Tax Preparation or Accounting Services, please contact us.