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Top Course Selections at #SNH18

| June 11, 2018
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In June 2018, I will be traveling to Atlanta, GA to attend Scaling New Heights for my 4th time. Scaling New Heights (or #SNH18) is one of the best accounting conferences to attend to find new technologies, learn from the top accounting leaders, and network with the most advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisors from around the world. The agenda features inspiring keynotes by Joe Woodard, Darren Root, Daniel Susskind, Ariege Misherghi, Misty Megia, Dawn Fotopulos, Randy Johnston, Damien Greathead, Geni Whitehouse, and none other than Steve Forbes. The panels and workshops also provide an incredible mix of thought leaders in the accounting profession.

To help other QuickBooks ProAdvisors plan their days at #SNH18 and to provide an insight to my clients, I have listed my top course selections below. You will want to make your own selections in the Scaling New Heights Portal.

Day 1, June 17th

  • Cyber-Security for You and Your Clients - William Murphy, Insightful Accountant (12:00-1:40pm)
  • The Modern Firm: Creating a Firm You Love - Darren Root, Rootworks, LLC (2:00-3:40pm)

Day 2, June 18th

  • The Future of QuickBooks Desktop is a Cloud-Connected Ecosystem - Will Yapp & Denise Bailey, Right Networks & Eilliott Davis, LLC (7:00-7:50am)
  • The Best "Human Learning" Tool Ever Invented - After Action Reviews - Kirk Bowman, Art of Value (8:00-8:50am)
  • Troubleshooting QuickBooks OnlineLiz Scott, Accounting Lifeline OK (1:30-3:10pm)
  • How Effectiveness Trumps Efficiency in Relationship Work - Hector Garcia, Quick Bookkeeping & Accounting, LLC (4:10-5:50pm)

Day 3, June 19th

  • Automating Accounting and Tax Office Management - Philip Phares, AbacusNext (7:00-7:50am)
  • Do What a Machine Won't: Run TOWARDS the Risk - Kirk Bowman, Art of Value (8:00-8:50am)
  • Making, Editing and Uploading Your Own Educational Videos - Hector Garcia, Quick Bookkeeping & Accounting, LLC (1:30pm-3:10pm)
  • Establishing & Operating a Remote Office - Gale Kirsopp, 4700Group, LLC (5:20-6:10pm)

Day 4, June 20th

  • Building Your Machine - Evolve From a Firm to a Platform - Enrico Palmerino, botkeeper (7:00-7:50am)
  • How to Assess and Onboard a New Client, Jonathan Bello, One 8 Solutions, LLC (8:00-8:50am)
  • Restructuring Your Sales Process for Success - Bill Gerber, (1:30-3:10pm)
  • Embracing the Machines: Why I am Optimistic about the Future (and You Should Be Too) - Kirk Bowman, Art of Value (4:10-5:50pm)

Other course selections that I would recommend are:

  • The Art of Asking Questions: Getting Your Clients to “Why” - Kirk Bowman
  • Finding Your Niche (aka, Should I have a Niche?) - Carla Caldwell
  • Automating Bookkeeping Processes with QuickBooks Online Integrated Applications - Heather Satterley
  • A How-To Guide in Process Discovery and Refinement - Ian Vacin
  • Finding Your Niche (Part 2 of 2) - Carla Caldwell
  • Personal Productivity and Task Management - Barry MacQuarrie
  • It’s Your Time to Enjoy the Journey - Misty Megia
  • Fostering Effective Communications with Your Team - Denise Bailey
  • Learn Effective Communication with Millennials, Gen. X and Boomers - Steven Hoffman
  • Listen Up! Building Trust through Active Listening - Jennifer Dymond
  • Build Your Content Marketing Strategy …and They Will Come - Darren Root
  • Automating Bookkeeping Processes with QuickBooks Online's In-Product Capabilities - Alicia Katz Pollock
  • Enhancing QuickBooks Desktop File Stability & Performance - William Murphy
  • Productivity Tech: Dramatically Increase Your Personal Productivity - Barry MacQuarrie
  • Tech Update - Randy Johnston
  • Financial Analysis: Expanding Your Value-Add Services - Dr. Sean Stein Smith
  • Using QuickBooks Online Data Utilities: A ProAdvisor Perspective - Liz Scott
  • Automating Bookkeeping Processes: Advanced QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds - Alicia Katz Pollock
  • Emerging Technologies - Randy Johnston
  • Blockchain 101: What are Blockchain and Bitcoin and How Can They Be Used? - Nancy Orben
  • Journey to Becoming a Digital Expert in Your Field - Gale Kirsopp
  • QuickBooks Desktop Super Geek 101: Database Essentials - William Murphy
  • The Side of Microsoft Office You Have Never Seen - Aaron Watts & Spencer Wilkinson
  • Blockchain 102: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence – Helping Accountants Deliver More Value - Dr. Sean Stein Smith
  • Using Failure to Become a Better Advisor - Heather Satterley
  • Accounting for Cryptocurrency Investing and Mining Operations - Nancy Orben
  • Creating a Delightful Client Base - Patricia Hendrix
  • Everyday Ethics in an Age of Artificial Intelligence - Kirk Bowman
  • Using Neat with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop for Better Automation - Stephanie Mozillo
  • Rise of the Human - Ingrid Edstrom
  • Understand Your Client’s Personality and Communication Styles to Increase Effectiveness - Carla Caldwell
  • QuickBooks Desktop Super Geek 201: Differential Diagnosis - William Murphy
  • Troubleshooting Apps Integration: Identify, Correct and Prevent - Heather Satterley
  • Challenging Our Own Thinking about the Nature of Disruption - Ingrid Edstrom

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